Taking Back Christmas


Bad Mom’s Christmas, have you seen it? I don't watch many movies, but I DVR-ed it a while ago. I laughed so hard and felt so motivated by it, that I watched it twice. Motivated? Okay, so it isn’t your typical Rocky Balboa Movie or Tony Robins inspirational speech, and by no means is it meant to compete with award winning cinematography, but it really did get me thinking….It’s time for busy mommas to take back Christmas!

I can barely find the time to shave my legs this time of year (okay, let’s be honest, way more than just this time of year!), so to save a little time I will probably take a hard-pass on the strippers and intoxicated Christmas-tree-thefts of the movie moms and jump straight to getting organized and planning ahead. Of course I can always fall back on their plan if everything falls apart here (wink wink).

I have the most beautiful Christmas memories, the feelings, the smells and even down to my brother and I having sings-alongs, pretending we were Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod belting out Boney M duets (that’s not a joke). My mom was a single mom who worked her butt off and looking back, I have no clue how she did it. I am pretty sure that she was just like all of us mom’s today who try to make things way too perfect, sacrificing sleep, health, sanity and probably about 95% of our patience (or more on any given day). That doesn’t leave much left to enjoy. It must be possible to find the time to pull together what is important to each of us, and still breathe! This year I plan to have a glass of wine by the fire, wear cozy jammies and play a few games with the kids and not be up till 3am scrambling and barely getting through the next day. I know that I am going to need to let a few things fall off of my to-do wish-list….but that’s okay. I am willing to start with the important stuff and just do the best I can.


While I have no problem with others decorating (after Remembrance Day) in November, it’s a little too early for tree decorating and mistletoe at my place, but there are many items we can tick off the list now to take the pressure off of December without breaking the budget.

This week on the Blog I will be back a few times. We are going to make plans for all of that left-over Halloween candy (so stop eating it!), making outdoor Winter Planters, putting together and important donation basket, starting Teacher Gifts and getting my kids dirty making Family Gifts that no one will cringe to receive! (I will link you once the posts go up).

In the meantime, here are a few quick and easy things you can do to start to get organized with just a few minutes a day:

  • make detailed lists of all people you need to buy/create for and start to plan what you might want to make and what you would rather buy (lists are essential to know what you have already bought and so that you don’t duplicate, forget or go over budget)

  • prioritize out of town packages and get them in the mail before the end of the month

  • look into volunteer opportunities that are age appropriate for your family ages and get them in the calendar now before it gets too full

  • clean out dead plants and planters from the front door, this is a great place to start your transition to Winter Cheer

  • if you are contemplating making or sending your own Family Card…now it the time to sort addresses and buy or order or make cards…This one is on my list for later in the week and I will show you what I pull together….

See you back in a couple days to DIVE IN!