A Few Years in the Making...


Have you ever had a plan to write it all out, document it and share it? (Whatever it may be for you)

I have…but somehow this busy life always got in the way.

Documenting silly crafting, dirty hands, kitchen zoodles and sharing photography tips always seemed too self-indulgent share. That said, I am constantly getting the “how-did-you-do-that/make-that/photograph-that/sew-that” questions and text messages and after years of planning but zero execution…it’s time to put pen to paper (kind-of) and start!

So here we are. Day One. No how-tos today. Just a little hello, a welcome, and an invitation to join me in making things a little simpler, a little messier, and a little more connected. In a world where hands are now mostly used to type, text, browse and click….let’s find the time to dig, create, capture and reconnect!

It seems like the perfect time to dive in, with Halloween just wrapped up (I will still share some fun costume DIYs) and so many plans in the works to de-stress Christmas and actually take the time to enjoy it this year (Ha! isn’t that always the plan?).

Happy November and WELCOME to the beginning of Finding Simple Moments.