Teaching gratitude in this day and age, with so many material possessions, is an incredibly hard thing for parents. I don’t want my kids to learn that buying something is the solution to everything, but that time and effort are often times even more appreciated. I am trying to reinforce this message, but receiving many gifts in a few short weeks (Christmas) will once again turn them into “this world is all about me” monsters. Heavy Sigh. The battle continues.

While I try to do this (with only moderate success I might add), I also don't want to add to the excess waste at this time of the year and so that means finding a “gift-craft” that they can work on, but isn’t so horribly hideous that it gets trashed the second the holidays are over.

In come the Sharpies. My daughter, 6, received a giant box of many beautiful colours of Sharpies as a gift a while ago. I wasn’t quite sure what I should do with a small child and terrifying permanent markers. Gasp. One evening I decided to check out projects on the Sharpie website (here). While browsing many fun projects, I found the neatest kid and adult gift idea.….the credit for this idea goes to them! We couldn’t help but try it out…


Check out these beautiful marbled galaxy coasters we made in a few minutes! The kid versions turned out just as good, or possible better than the adult attempts and I have to say, it was really fun.


If you are Miller/Clarke Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas, pretend that these beauties are a shocking surprise! Yay! Wink, wink.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Sharpie Markers

  • White Ceramic Tiles (I used 4”x4” tiles but large 12” ones might make some outstanding wall art!)

  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol (I tried it with 70% the first time. BIG FAT MESSY FAIL!)

  • Spray Bottle &/or Medicine Dropper

  • Paper Towels

  • Fixative Spray


I am not kidding when I say that these are easy. Obviously, they are permanent markers, so you will need to supervise your children.

Step 1.
Colour the tiles. The more colour and the more coverage, the better.


Step 2.
Spray on or drop on small dots of Rubbing Alcohol.

Step 3.
Allow it to dry (a few minutes) and add more in places you want to change. You can also tilt and move the tiles as they dry to move the colour.

Step 4.
If you are unhappy with any spots, use a paper towel dampened with Alcohol to wash off that spot (no need to wash the parts you like), colour it in again and continue again at Step 2.

Step 5.
Once you are happy with them and they are dry, spray on a couple of coats of fixative. (Above is a photo of the one I used from Michaels).

Step 6.
Once dry, you may add protective corners to the back side if you think the edges are too rough for your table.




  • A bag containing these supplies make a great Birthday or Christmas gift for a craft loving child!

  • Once you have the supplies, you will be able to make many, and at 20 cents per tile, its an easy and inexpensive craft to do with visiting children, at sleepovers or on a play date. We even did it when we were camping this summer (that was where we had the 70% alcohol BIG FAT FAIL!).

  • The Fixative is the most expensive part of the project, so grab a 40% off coupon at Michaels online before you buy it. I don’t think the brand matters.