Easy DIY Birthday Cake Lip Balm

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This week I am starting a tiny bit of birthday party prep for my 7-year-old. I am not a huge fan of goody bags, but it’s so hard to be “that” mom, who just refuses to do them (I totally fanaticize about being her!). Instead, I have decided to buy a cute little pompom flamingo clip, and make a healthy and chemical free lip balm tube, as well as a little birthday cake bath bomb using this recipe (taking out the food colouring, and adding sprinkles and Vanilla and Orange essential oils). There will be no candy and no dollar store junk that will go directly to the land fill.

Yesterday, I made 15 tubes of Birthday Cake Lip Balm and honestly, I am kind of shocked at how well they turned out. Because of the sprinkles and little fingers that are likely to just dig them out of a lip-gloss pot and eat them (ew!), I opted to use lip balm tubes. I ordered these tubes and was really happy with them, using all 15 purple and pink ones for the party and saving the 10 remaining black and white ones for a more appetizing adult flavour that I will make a little later. (I am thinking peppermint & pear…I will get back to you on that).

I have made quite a lot of Lip Balm over the years and tried many recipes but in the end needed to make my own to get it the way the I wanted. My adult favourite is Lavender-Mint (with dried lavender flowers from my garden) but have amended it and reworked it to fit the need of a 7-year-old birthday party. Try it out, I think you will find it both easy and surprisingly great!


Birthday Cake Lip Balm


4 TBSP organic Beeswax pellets~I have purchased this brand a few times and it works well, available here

3 heaping TBSP organic Coconut Oil (I bought mine at Costco)

1 TBSP locally sourced honey

10 drops of Orange essential oil

20 drops of Vanilla essential oil

1-2 TBSP sprinkles


double boiler

heat safe glass measuring cup with pouring spout

15 lip balm tubes or 10 lip gloss pots (I used these)

whisk and spatula

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  1. Heat wax, oil and honey in a double boiler over hot water (approx. medium heat).

  2. Once fully melted, whisk in essential oils.

  3. Cover the bottom of all tubes with a pinch of sprinkles.

  4. Pour wax mixture into measuring cup with pouring spout (re-heat as necessary right in the measuring cup).

  5. This is the only slightly tricky step, since the sprinkles sink, I found to mix them throughout, fill your first tube 1/3 full of liquid mixture. working over the measuring cup in case any spills out, tip it sideways and roll it in your fingers to coat the inside with hot mixture and quickly add another pinch of sprinkles so that the sprinkles stick all over the tube (pictured directly below).

  6. Fill the remainder of the tube, add a few more sprinkles as you go if desired.

  7. As soon as it starts to cool add a few sprinkles to the top of the tube (before it’s hard).

  8. Repeat for all tubes.

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From start to finish, this DIY took me about 30 minutes. I made Lavender & Peppermint pots with this recipe last year for Christmas, (using dried lavender flowers from the garden and peppermint essential oil) and they have kept without spoiling for a full year. No chemicals or preservatives needed! I have to say I do enjoy the roll up tubes more than the little pots, simply out of convenience.

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I will make some little birthday labels to put on the tubes, and if I come up with a cute printable, I will post a link for you, ASAP.

Voila! This would be a great take-away for a spa inspired birthday party, or even as a little birthday treat to send to school instead of cupcakes on your child’s birthday. I wish I had thought of this last week when I stayed up until midnight making 2 cakes for school. We will not be inviting 15 kids to our little party, Mommy is too tired for that, so I plan to stash away any left overs and tie them with ribbon to birthday gifts this year.

Enjoy! ~Q

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