Welcome to my little creative space!

I am a momma of two (6 & 9), a lover of creativity and craziness, a complete home body, am fascinated by bugs, a total dog lover (momma of 1), and like so many of you, the more that everyone (from clients to littles) consumes my every moment, the less I have to give...AND it's time for that to change! 

Here is my story:

In 39 years, my journey has taken me through so many careers already....I have gone from flight attendant (yawn!), to adult-student (never again), to Labour & Delivery Nurse (emotional, heart breaking, beautiful, inspiring and exhausting!), I ran a small sewing business (expensive!!) and when I was hit with unexpected heart and auto-immune chronic illness I was left with a whole lot of evaluating. In the end, it comes down to family and being healthy enough to raise my kids and enjoy doing it, not just barely survive it!

With a supportive husband, I dove into photography, and in the last 5 years have built a successful full-time business. And I do love it...but as always, I find when I am too busy to get my hands dirty, my sanity, parenting ability and partner commitment really pays the price.  I always love to dive in, but I find as I move  forwards, I really struggle with balance.  Do you too? Life is too short.  Really.  And no matter your story, I know so many mommas who have that in common. 

So let's find ourselves again, and keep connected with the ones we care about the most...through little projects that teach, learn, share, help us laugh at ourselves, and get us all a little dirty.

It's time to work backwards and go from crazy busy but getting nothing done to finding those simple moments!