Leftover Halloween Candy?



Okay Ladies, Halloween was almost a month ago and it might be too late to rescue you from fourteen pounds of KitKat related muffin top, but if your pantry looks like mine…you can still be helped! Put. The. Sour. Patch. Kids. Down.

This year was the first year that I followed my own advice (a RARE occurrence) and bought candy that I don’t like. Every single thing I handed out to unsuspecting children, I genuinely thought was revolting. We always hear to do it, and hey, who knew? It actually helped to keep me away. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to buy candy my children don’t like (is there such a thing?). Even if I had, my son trick-or-treated for 2 full hours and came home with 7.5 pounds of sugar high. I am not exaggerating, he actually weighed it. Barf.

As much as I despise the junk, every year I feel weird throwing giant bags of left-over candy in the garbage. We’ve always been told not to waste, right? I cave and let my kids over-eat for a while, but in the end I cannot stand keeping it knowing full-well that they will eat an entire pillowcase full if I let them, so after a week or two, they get to pick their last few favourites and, that’s it! Gone. I pitch the rest. Sometimes I have donated it to the food bank…but really? How can I pass shopping bags full of poison onto struggling families? That’s not cool either.

The truth is that I have no clue why it has never occurred to me before…but a girlfriend asked me last week if I had put all of my leftover candy in the freezer yet for gingerbread houses. SAY WHAT?? Where has my brain been all these years? GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!!!

Every year I host ginger bread decorating pandemonium, but I never connected the dots and realized that I was throwing out all of the Smarties and then just buying more a month later. Where has my brain been? Thank you KT for the stroke of genius that just sounded like common sense to you and possibly the rest of the planet. Mind. Blown.

So let’s all take her brilliant advice and throw it in the freezer, ultimately saving ourselves time and money next month. Whether you choose to do one of those gingerbread kits, make your own masterpiece from scratch or even just let the kiddies pop rocket buttons on some gingerbread men, might as well do it using the junk we already have!

Goodbye Candy. You can keep your giant muffin top, I really didn’t want you anyway.